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1-on-1 and small group workshops enable you to learn what you need based on your skill level.  You will learn the essentials needed to photograph the night sky. Things that will be covered are camera settings, focus, composition, light painting, how to locate the Milky Way using constellations and apps, how to plan shots and when the best shooting time is.

Dates & Locations

Dates for shooting are based on around the New Moon. Shooting on or around the New Moon allows for darker skies and the best opportunities to shoot the Milky Way. There are many locations to choose from in NH and Maine. Locations will be selected for travel and interests of the participant.  Workshops will consist of an introduction time and shooting time. totaling approximately 4 to 6 hours total. 

Gear Requirements

Full frame DSLR Camera capable of low light high ISO and full manual mode including focusing

Camera lens with at least f/2.8 - wide angle of 24mm or wider

Tripod - sturdy/strong

Extra charged camera batteries

Extra memory cards

Shutter release cable or wireless remote

Warm clothes

Good boots /shoes for walking on uneven ground

Headlamp or flashlight (preferred red light capability)

Handwarmers to minimize lens fogging and condensation



Folding chair

Bug spray


Weather is unpredictable when planning shoots weeks or months in advance.  A backup date will be selected if possible for a rain date. 

Waiver / Acknowledgement of Risk form

Each workshop participant will be required to sign a Waiver / Acknowledgement of Risk form.